March 4, 2019

I recently had someone ask me about my paintings "Return To Serenity 1 and 2". They're both landscapes yet completely different. "What's the correlation?" they wanted to know. Return To Serenity is a series of paintings I have started that convey the times I most felt content in this overly complicated world. I believe we all have defining moments in our lives that had made us feel a sense of tranquility, whether it be a place we've traveled, a person we've met, a movie we've seen or even a conversation we've had. It's our innate ability to create euphoric memories we store in our minds, so that we can later retrieve them in times we are feeling overwhelmed. Both paintings are representative of moments I've experienced where I said to myself "Yeah, this is what life is all about!".


Return To Serenity 1 - A few years back I was taking a stroll down a local beach when I came upon a little key west style house. It was an older wood frame probably built in the 1970s, not very big or fancy but it had character and charm, and there was something about it that was very calming. There was a little porch that looked out over the ocean, "what a view for those beautiful Southwest Florida sunsets", I thought to myself. At the time there were no other structures around, no houses, hotels, nothing. I thought of how nice it must be to have the sound of the waves lull you to sleep at night and then in turn, the birds to serenade you while you're having that morning cup of coffee. Having spent over a decade as an art director in the upscale lifestyle trade, I've set up photography sessions in many multi-million dollar homes. Beautiful in their own right, not one of the behemoth mansions resonated a feeling of peace within me as the little key west house has. To this very day I can still think back upon that afternoon, close my eyes and relive the solitude.




Return To Serenity 2 - This painting was a little different in that the idea came to me from an image I had seen of a little village built on a very large hillside. The image was black and white with a sepia tone overlay. I'm not sure where the village is or even the name of the hill but that wasn't important to me, what got me was the feeling of stillness and peace that this image represented. The peculiar aspect was that every home was identical as if the same house were to have been copied and pasted multiple times up the hillside. Even though there were no bright colors, as a matter of fact I would go as far as to say color-wise the image was quite drab, it still had the overall feeling of happiness. I imagined that everyone living in those homes were of different background, perhaps different races with their own unique personalities and yet living in unity in basically the same houses. I thought to myself "what if I took the concept of the houses being of the same structure but gave them the their own personalities" such as I imagined the residents would have had. I threw in a lot of color and the end result was "Return To Serenity 2", people who are completely different, yet biologically the same, in similar yet different homes living together in a state of blissful harmony. Pretty cool concept, huh? Maybe one day we'll get around to giving it a try!


Have a peaceful day! 






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