More than meets the eye!

March 1, 2019

I have been asked several times whether my painting titled "Ivy" was of my daughter and the answer is yes...and no. It is more representative of my daughter's idiomatic spirit. As a society I think we tend to conform to certain rules when it comes to fashion, music, art, even politics. We call these trends and follow them like a herd of cattle, yet at the same time throw around words and phrases like "individualism" and "think outside the box". One thing that my daughter and I have in common is that neither one of us would be considered an extrovert by any means and yet she's the one that's better at showing her distinctive personality. I'm more one to stay on the down low. Now, this painting was done several years ago and as she has transitioned into adulthood, my daughter has yet again transformed. Gone is the multi-colored hair and the makeup has toned down but she still displays that unique look and quality that makes her stand out in a world dictated by social mania. I've learned a lot about self-expression from my daughter and that is what this painting is really about. I may not be able to scream it from the rooftops but I 'm okay with letting the paint and canvas be my outlet.

Hope you enjoy!





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