Art For Hire

Commissioned Artwork

Art is very personal for sure and what is beautiful and creative to one may not be another's cup of tea and that's what makes it so special. I will design original artwork created from your personal interests, themes and ideas. Let me turn your vision into a beautiful painting, illustration or gift for that special friend, family member or maybe just for yourself. Some of the many options include but are no limited to:

  • Original Paintings and Illustrations

  • Personalized Greeting Cards

  • Personalized Coffee Mugs and Ornaments

  • Personalized T-Shirts

  • Personalized Children's Books

  • Personalized Tote Bags

  • Personalized Blankets and Throw Pillows

  • Plus Much More

Below are some examples of commissioned pieces I have completed:

A View Outside My Window

This commissioned painting below was an anniversary gift from and old friend of mine to his wife on their special day! Being that trees are a favorite subject matter of mine I really enjoyed working on this one!

Original photo

Finished painting

A beautiful artistic rendition! Thank you to my husband Tom Minzey and artist Jeff Kriberscheck (ArtisticDreamz)


-Nanette Scherer Minzey

A Mermaid's Tale

This untitled mermaid painting was a lot of fun for me to do. It allowed me to break free from a style and subject matter that I am used to and let my imagination run wild. I was commissioned to do this piece by a loving grandmother as a gift for her 6 year old granddaughter. Having a grown daughter myself it also brought back a lot of memories and has inspired me to do more pieces of the same nature.

Furry Oscar Finds A Home

I illustrated this wonderful children's book for The Furry Oscar Rescue Foundation. They are a non-profit organization that raises funds through the sale of children's books and than in turn donates 100% of those funds to various non-profit animal rescue groups.

Hot Bob's She Shed

 A gag gift from one good friend to another! The back story behind this wooden plaque was funny enough that when I was approached to create this piece I didn't hesitate. It also gave me the chance to do some wood work which I enjoy but never seem to have enough time for, hmmm... going to have to change that!

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