Children's Books

Growing up to be a responsible and productive adult while keeping the imagination and wondrous hope of a child....that my friends is happiness!

The Great Monkey Adventure

What happens when one hungry monkey sets out on a search for his favorite snack? A whimsical and entertaining adventure, that's what! In "The Great Monkey Adventure" you'll swing through the trees with the very zany Blue Monkey as he discovers that finding what he's looking for is only half the fun. This lovable, children's picture book is rhythmic, with intentionally repetitive and simple language, so that even the very young will find it easy to read along. The illustrations are bright and cheerful,with a little dab of silliness thrown in. Adults and children will fall in love with Blue Monkey and all of his jungle friends and will want to visit it again and again. Written by Erin Rabon and illustrated by Jeff Kriberscheck.

A Rainy Day Tale

When Willie wakes to a stormy morning he fears there will be nothing to do. Little does he know that imagination and creativity will soon turn this boring day into an adventure of a lifetime. This story is about adventure and imagination, but more importantly, it's a tale about the bond between a father and son. Inspired by my own son's childhood, "A Rainy Day Tale" is the first book where I have taken the helm as both author and illustrator.

Furry Oscar Finds A Home

When Joey, Jamie and Patty want a dog, they discover what it means to rescue a dog and make him part of their family. Follow the kids' adventure as they learn about the responsibility of owning a pet and adopt Oscar! This book will appeal to children of all ages, with bright and colorful illustrations for preschool children, and a story that is fun to read for second and third graders. Written by Sue Tomko and illustrated by Jeff Kriberscheck. 100% of the profits from the sale of this book are donated to animal rescue. For more information, visit

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